Online Spanish Language And Culture for Kids

Highly motivating Spanish classes for children of all ages.

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We Bring Spanish to life!

We add the extra motivation children need by combining language with culture in fun, interactive lessons that will keep them engaged and coming back for more!

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specialized Native Teachers

We pair up your child with a native teacher from your country of origin or choice.

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Connecting culture and language

We teach language and culture for a real motivational experience.

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From the comfort of your home

Fun, motivating Spanish classes; and best of all, we bring the world of Spanish your home!

It's very easy...

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Combine a certified native teacher of the Spanish speaking country of your choice and a time that suits you and, ¡LISTO!

Why are we different?

Our innovative methodology combines fun, inmersive classes with the cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking country where our teachers come from. This way we bring the heritage culture to life and provide a learning adventure that captivates our students and gives a new meaning to learning a language.

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What They Say About Us…

It's so much fun seeing Anuel speaking so fluently in Spanish and even having conversations with his "profe" .
8 years old
I am so happy Michael can relate to so many of the songs and games I grew up with and actually always wants to come back for more!
5 years old
Finally something that motivates my kids to learn Spanish! Since watching films like Encanto, they feel represented and want to learn more. Culture is very important-
6 years old

Come on, ¡vámonos!...

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¡Why you & your child will love our classes!

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